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Frequent questions

Answers to questions in order of frequency.

Can I install applications in a single click?

Unfortunately we do not have an automatic application installer. However, most applications have easy-to-follow instructions for server installations, and our support team is always ready to help you. Just make sure that the application you want to install is compatible with the software versions of our platform: currently Ubuntu 18.08 LTS (Bionic Beaver).

We recommend that you follow the official guidelines of the application you want to install. Check the requirements and contact our support team for any questions about the installation steps.

We also publish installation guides of the most popular applications with specific instructions for our platform:

WordPress installation >>

ProcessWire installation >>

Grav installation >>

Do you offer email accounts, domains, FTP?

Unfortunately not. Kinsami is a VPS provider, so you should install a hosting control panel, an email or FTP server, or whatever you need, on your own.

If you want to install a hosting control panel, we recommend Vesta, which is free and open source software.

Vesta control panel installation >>

In the case of email, we recommend NOT to install or manage an email server yourserlf: if your project is business, we recommend specialized email providers such as Rackspace, and if your project is personal, we recommend that you use your usual email account in services such as as Gmail.

Rackspace Email >>

Gmail >>

Regarding domains, we recommend Namesilo.

Register your domain in Namesilo. >>

How often can I switch between plans?

You can alternate between plans (scaling your VPS) on a monthly basis.

See the plans >>

Do you offer cPanel?

No. But in case you need cPanel, you can install it yourself.

cPanel installation >>

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© 2019 Kinsami. All rights reserved.
Proudly misionero.